Two double storey townhouses.
Construction commencing July 2015

At 12.5 x 40 metres, this is smaller than your regular quarter acre block, however still plenty of room for a four bedroom family home. So when our client asked for two townhouses on this site, each with three bedrooms, we were keen to take on the challenge.

Walking distance to shops, public transport and more, this abundance of local infrastructure at its door, makes this an area that can easily cope with an increase in density, and should be doing so.

The disused lane running alongside the site was the key to gaining access to the rear unit, essentially a free driveway.

On the opposite boundary a tall wall belonging to the adjoining house, runs 70% the length of the site. Unfortunately this is to the north, blocking out precious sunlight, and meaning that the front two thirds of the block is in shadow for all the colder months of the year.

The solution was to flip the plan of the front unit: living areas upstairs, thereby lifting them above the adjoining property’s wall, exposing them to unobstructed sunlight at all times.

A huge terrace built on the roof of the garage, also gains full north sunlight, and a beautiful view over the street and into the tree canopies of the adjoining property to the rear. Bedrooms are located downstairs.

The design of the front unit tapers away from the lane increasing the lane’s width, to expose the front door of the rear townhouse, so it’s visible to the street. The living areas of the rear unit are positioned past the wall on the boundary, so they gain full access to the northern sun at ground level. The upper level is carefully placed so it stops inline with the rear of adjoining neighbours house, preventing any visual bulk to their rear yard.

With all our projects we are sympathetic to the immediate neighbours. We respect and appreciate everybody’s need for privacy and we strive to maintain the same level of amenity to neighbouring properties. With this design all windows on the top floor are placed so they do not overlook the neighbours, yet are positioned to not require screening. By taking the time to find a clever design solution, the result is our proposal enjoys full views, and our neighbours maintain the exact level of privacy and amenity they had before.