Two new luxury townhouses. Completed in 2011.

A great example of how you can afford to live in the suburb you want, and in that home you have been dreaming of for so long. By partnering with family the land was divided in two between each party, with each paying half price.

The brief was to create two new homes each with three bedrooms and a study, with a focus on design and high quality materials, yet achieve this on a modest budget.

Designed in a side by side configuration, both townhouses enjoy the benefit of having a street frontage, and maximising the available area on site by eliminating the need for a driveway to the rear. Each is designed with their living areas facing north to maximise the sun in winter and eliminate its direct entry in summer, resulting in a very energy efficient houses.

A large drainage reserve to one side of the block meant no construction was possible over it, hence the carport on one side.

Despite the land being halved, each townhouse features large open plan living areas with great expanses of glass, together with an efficient use of space, each feels as spacious and comfortable as a single house on its own block. With generous backyards, parking on site for two cars each, there is no compromise felt at all by splitting the land.

Another example of how half a standard size block is all that’s needed for a full size family home. By maximizing the use of this site, two families have avoided being pushed into a suburb far from where they work and play, in order to afford a property. Each saved half a million dollars on the land, getting them into the suburb they wanted to live in, by purchasing the land together and subdividing it.

– Interior design and landscape design also by DN Architecture.