Restoration and new addition.

The brief was to maintain the existing California bungalow, restore it and create a new addition to make the home big enough for this family of five.

I feel very passionately about keeping old houses and restoring them, keeping a piece of our history for future generations to admire. The new addition is single storey so as not to compete or distract from the original house when seen from the street. The new addition sits separately from the original house, and in contrast to it, not pretending to be of the same era, but instead representing the architecture of today.

The original house had all its rooms converted to bedrooms and bathrooms, whilst the new addition to the rear accommodates the living spaces, laundry and powder room. This creates two zones, the quiet bedroom area at the front (old house), and the noisy living areas separated at the rear in the new addition.

This also allowed two separate heating and cooling systems for each zone, meaning only the areas used need heating or cooling – living areas during the day, and bedrooms at night. This reduces energy usage drastically, cutting power bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

The addition of a pool, created an opportunity to have an open yet covered outdoor room. It’s placed to protect the internal spaces from the harsh western sun. The living areas all face north to maximise direct sunlight throughout the day in winter, and minimise it in summer.

The house is designed to naturally ventilate in summer; the use of windows positioned to catch the prevailing breezes and flush the house of heat on hot days.