A specialist Dental Practice.
Completed in 2010.

This Edwardian house had seen better days when we first laid eyes upon it. With little to no upkeep over the years it had deteriorated badly. It was covered in vines, the front veranda had collapsed, and there was massive cracking to all the walls and ceilings inside.  Making matters worse, at some point in its life it was divided  into two separate residences by means of a wall right through the middle of it; to say it was a mess was indeed an understatement.

Our clients purchased it for a purpose very differnt from which it was originally intended: a specialist dental practice. Given its location to several other medical practices along the same main road, its position was perfect for this new role. The difficulty was we needed planning permission in order to change its purpose, and also due to its heritage listing. The neighbours were also concerned  about what would become of this home, and rightly so; It’s a wonderful piece of our architectural history.

We gained planning permission and the blessing of the neighbours, by demonstrating that we wanted the opportunity to fully restore this old beauty, and return it from its state of neglect and disrepair, to its original glory. With exception of a sign out front, it looks like any of the original houses still left in the street. The only difference now is that it looks as good as it did 100 years ago.

The design was carefully planned to modify the existing house without taking away any of the original features and ornamentation, in fact these were all repaired, maintaining it’s old charm and character, whilst converting it for it’s new use. A new extension to the rear was built to accommodate the new surgeries, but carefully placed so it was not visible to the street.

This house has been given a new lease on life, and can continue to show future generations how we once lived.