A new 4 bedroom house.
Completed in 2005.

A planning permit is not usually required for a single house unless it is on a small property. For most councils the cut off is 300m2. Below that you need to go through the lengthy process of getting a planning permit. Some councils, such as this case here, have upped the cut off to 500m2. This was unbeknown to my clients when they purchased this property that was 496m2. Yes just 4m2 short and needing a permit! A good reason to seek the expert advice of an architect before you buy.

Eighteen months after purchasing, one sacked architect due to a failed permit application, we were recommended to the clients and given the job for their second attempt.

The added challenge, the block is narrow, only 9.5 metres wide, and had a steep slope adding a bit more fun and excitement to the equation.

The council would not allow a double garage (usually 6.5 metres wide) to dominate the small 9.5 metre wide street frontage. My solution was to disguise the double garage to look like a single. The use of expressed joints in the cement sheet cladding, created the look of a single garage door.ernally, returning it from its state of neglect and disrepair, to its original glory.

The design was carefully planned to modify the existing house without taking away any of the original features. However the timber battens that appears to look like a fence alongside the garage, are in fact the other half of the double garage door. A small model of this proposal was shown to the council, which convinced them this solution would work in appearing to look like a single garage despite it being a double. Thus the requirements of the council and client were both met.

The steel entry canopy protrudes past the garage, bringing the entrance forward to the street, which was setback due to the narrow site, whilst also providing shelter for those entering.

Not a year has gone since the project’s completion where my clients haven’t called to tell us how much they still love their house. This is the ultimate measure of success to us.

Interior design and landscape design also by DN Architecture.
Construction by Leon Naftal