A new double storey house with basement parking.
Construction expected to begin first half of 2013.

A short block with a steep slope. In order to maximise space and use the slope to our advantage, the design features a basement carpark. As the site slopes up from the street, only a short ramp was needed to drive underground. This moved the parking away from the ground level, freeing up space and created our platform onto which the rest of the house would sit.

The added room gained with the garage under ground, meant the house could take full advantage of the north orientation along its side boundary. The house has been designed with all ground floor living areas having a view of the pool. This was an important requirement from our client, as once their kids are able to swim, and no longer require immediate and constant supervision, the design would still allow them to keep an eye on the pool for piece of mind, when they are indoors.

Large windows along the north of the living spaces capture the winter sun, and small windows along the south side of these spaces catch the cool summer breezes from the south, flushing out any built up heat inside, and reducing the reliance on air conditioning.

The front facade faces west; minimal windows eliminate heat gains from the harsh afternoon summer sun, again significantly reducing the need for air conditioning.

The use of timber as a feature material throughout the interior reflects the clients’ love of the material, from their background as cabinetmakers.