Renovation and new addition.

A beautiful Edwardian house located in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Elwood.

Lacking space for this family of four, my clients came to me looking to add a modern living area and swimming pool.

Heritage controls protect this old beauty, so the proposed addition is single storey to not visible from the street.

As sun lovers and entertainers, my design is heavily informed to ensure both these client needs are met. The living area does without a couch in the conventional way. Instead banquet seating along the north facing perimeter of the living room, positions the backrest right along and under fully openable windows – my clients will feel as if they are sitting outside all year round.

With a love of cooking and having friends and family over for meals, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the addition. Large sliding doors facing the kitchen can disappear into a wall, and the outside entertaining area becomes a direct extension of the kitchen and meals.

At an early meeting I discovered that my clients too shared a love of Mexico from their travels there. I took this as a call to look to Mexican architecture as an influence for this design. Known for it’s arched columned verandahs to protect from the sun, so to this design uses brick blades outside the norther glass facade to create a Mexican inspired verandah. This not only protects from the harsh Australian sun in summer, but also acts as a visual transition space, between inside and out. Mexican architecture is also known for its bright colours, so the traditional Australian red brick was chosen for its vibrancy.

Construction is due to start late 2016.