Merry christmas and a happy new year.

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And so 2013 comes to a close. It has been a huge year for me and DN Architecture (a big part of me). It is a year that presented some great challenges, but one that I look back on with such a great sense of pride and achievement. In fact I would rank it as one of the best years I have had.

The first six months of the year was hard work, literally. At the end of every day I would stop for dinner, then begin work straight after till the wee hours, writing and illustrating my book. Every saturday and sunday was spent doing the same. It was a roller coaster of emotions, but looking back it was one of the greatest rides of my life. In June of this year it arrived in a mountain of boxes, my baby – A Block in a Hard Place.


Some six months later and it is still hard to believe it has my name on it. I’m so proud of it, and to know that there are many people out there learning and taking benefit from it, means every bit of the process was so worthwhile. To have people tell me it sits on their coffee table is surreal and an honour I hold close to my heart. There could be no better compliment.



Next on the list of 2013 highlights was this blog turning 1 year old. There are now over 50 posts that I have produced, further educating and helping those looking to build or renovate a home. I think back in disbelief that I wrote a post each week whilst writing a book and designing houses in amongst it all… Thank goodness for the love and support of my friends and family, and of course – coffee!

Whilst all the above is really special, the reason I’m excited to sit at my desk everyday, is to realise peoples dream homes on their difficult blocks. I’m so passionate about using the space we have better. And I have had the most wonderful clients and projects this year to do just that.

The building industry as with many others was hard hit by the economic downturn, but such is my love for designing houses, that I was not willing to give up when it got tough. So to have been recognised in the face of this as a specialist in my field, with stories about me and my book in The Age, The Financial Review, Herald Sun, the Jewish News, Grand Design magazine and in two issues of Home Ideas magazine, makes all the hard work worthwhile. It is also hard to believe at times how all this happened… If ever there was proof of “following your heart” then surely this would be it.

In finishing off for the year, Christmas marks the 12th birthday of DN Architecture. 12 years ago I finished at the office I was working at on Christmas eve. I had been given a big project by my first client, who asked me if I could finish it by February, so I skipped those holidays, and on christmas day I started work on my first ever project. My hope was that I would find some more work, but if not after 6 months I would find a new job. Well 12 years later I’m still going, and I am still as excited, as in love and as passionate about designing great houses as day one. Playing grown up Lego everyday is the best!

Thank you to all the supporters of this blog, my friends and family for their support, and most importantly to my clients past and present who make it all possible.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. The blog will re commence in late January 2014, and remember not al blocks were created equal, and those are the ones I love the most.


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