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A Block in a Hard Place – Photographs:

BOOK_1 Thumbnail Front cover
BOOK_2 Thumbnail Front cover and bookmarks 
BOOK_4 Thumbnail Back cover
BOOK_5 Thumbnail Inside 1
BOOK_7 Thumbnail Inside 2
BOOK_10 Thumbnail Inside 3
BOOK_12 Thumbnail Inside 4
BOOK_13 Thumbnail Inside 5

A Block in a Hard Place – Artwork:

BOOKCOVER_Thumbnail Front cover artwork
chapter1_Title_Thumbnail Inside – chapter intro
chapter1_content_Thumbnail Inside – sample content page
chapter1_checklist_Thumbnail Inside – sample checklist

Darren Naftal – Photographs:

Darren 014 Darren Naftal – Landscape
Darren 013 Darren Naftal – Portrait