Californian Bungalow Renovation – October update

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This week an update on Oswald Street – the Californian Bungalow renovation and restoration.

The house reached “lock up” stage a few weeks ago. This is when the outer skin is in place – the walls, windows and roof are fully covering the frame; at which point a door is the only way in. Once the house has reached this stage it is weather tight and the internal skin or plasterboard can now be fitted. Prior, rain was able enter through the bare frame meaning any internal components would be destroyed.

The front of the original house before the renovation: (click on the images below to see an enlargement).


Timber elements that required replacing or repair such as window frames and exposed roof elements have all been done. These were originally painted in white. I have now chosen a charcoal, which I think looks great against the red brickwork. There is now less contrast between the two materials, which creates a more harmonious facade, and gives a slightly more modern feel to the house.

Here is the floor plan of what is proposed.

Oswald Proposed


A panaroma of the new addition at the rear of the existing house: Final colours/paint will go on in a few weeks. You can just see the pool in the foreground at the bottom of the photo. The white box element to the right – the outdoor room, will be lined in timber internally in the coming weeks. The sheeting behind the timber lining is painted in black, this will create a shadow between the gaps of the timber lining which is actually decking that will wrap from the floor to cover the walls and also the ceiling.

The computer model image:

1.View to pool & house_1

The real deal:

californian bungalow renovation 3 - September 2013 - DN Architecture

In the foreground the cantilevered roof element will also have a timber ceiling which will match the timber decking directly below it.

I’m so happy with the section of the concrete floor that protrudes past the window frame to the outside of the building. The concreters have done an amazing job, the edge is perfectly straight along its entire length. The concrete will get a light polish which will even out its colouring. I designed this element for two reasons:
– When looking out from inside, seeing the floor extend out beyond the window blurs the boundary between inside and out. This makes the space inside feel bigger and part of the outdoor space.
– It also makes a great ledge to sit out on to watch others in the pool.

Once the plasterboard has been fixed in place cabinets will then be fitted. Beyond that electrical components like lights will be installed and the walls will be painted. In about a month it will all be done and the clients will move in… how I wish it were mine.

Words cannot express the feelings of joy watching this project come to life. I’m so pleased with the way it has turned out. Meeting the challenges of this difficult block with such success makes me feel immensely proud. I look forward to showing photos of the finished house in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

For those of you who missed the video blog I made a little while back talking about the design of this project, please take a look below.

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