• We come out and assess a property for you. Giving you the peace of mind that it’s the right one for you.
  • Alternatively we work with our clients to find a property, however, one with difficulties. These are ignored by everybody else, and with this low demand, comes a low price. A difficult block might be small, have poor access to sunlight, be heritage listed, or in a noisy environment. Whilst this looks like trouble to everyone else, we get excited and see an opportunity for our clients’ dream home, in the location they want it to be. This is where our love of a challenge, mixed with our resourceful, inventive designs, overcomes the constraints to create unique, beautiful, and yet practical homes without any compromise.


  • It is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will ever make; it’s not a decision you want to get wrong.
  • You will walk away from a difficult block because you thought it was too hard, only to find out it sold for a bargain, and with a clever design it would have worked for you without compromise.
  • You buy a property or undertake a renovation without consulting anyone first, unaware you’ve purchased a site with constraints that will compromise the design of your new home.


  • We see the potential where others can’t, saving you money on a block where you want it to be – closer to where you work and play.
  • We love a challenge, and specialise in creating dream homes on difficult blocks.
  • We have often been engaged after another architect has failed to find a solution to a property’s challenges, and we have always succeeded.


  • With our help you know you will find the right block, able to accommodate your dream home.
  • Save money on a difficult block worth less, that others can’t see the potential in.
  • Your unique home will not be comparable to others. Anything rare has a far higher value. You’ll be sad to say goodbye when it’s time to sell, but not upset with the higher price.