Architect fees – 7 reasons why you should spend the extra money. Part 2

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If you missed part 1 of this blog post, you can read it here first. 

4) resale value

Its wow factor versus no factor. Anything of quality and beauty is appreciated more and therefore sells for more. What so many fail to understand, is the added money spent on an architect will be made back several times over when it’s time to sell. As what you are selling is a home that will be greatly admired and sort after. I like to think of the money spent on an architect as an investment that will pay you back handsomely in time, and in the mean time you live in a house you can’t wait to come home too.

5) Cost control 

A draftsperson will likely produce  3 or 4  sheets of construction drawings for a typical house. I will do between 20 to 30 sheets! Such is the level of thought and detail that goes into each house. Together with the client I help them choose every tap, tiles, light fittings etc. With everything specified you will get an accurate price from the builder – all is included. Where and why projects go over budget is when things are forgotten, and then must be added to the original price during construction, or the house is poorly designed and must then be rectified on site. Concrete and steel are not cheap or easy to change once in place.

A good set of comprehensive drawings allows you to meet your budget by getting an accurate price, avoiding any nasty surprises later.

6) Quality control 

As in the point above. Unless the best means of construction is specified on the drawings, those on site will do it the quickest way they can to maximise their profit and get home early. Quality must be designed into the project, from there it will be defined on paper (the drawings) showing the builder how it must be built. The builder agrees to build to this standard when the building contract is signed, as the construction drawings are part of the building contract. You can therefore sue the builder should they not be meeting the quality set in the drawings. A good set of drawings quite literally holds the builder legally accountable, without them you haven’t a leg to stand on if they build to a poor standard, since they have not been told how to do it in the first place. This will end up costing you so much more on site than the money you saved on having less drawings produced.

7) Uniqueness

Having a house designed and tailored to suit your unique lifestyle and needs, makes for the ultimate home. Your spaces will not compromise your way of living, and a clever design will allow the house to change and adapt to you and/or your family’s growing needs.

Anything considered unique cannot be compered to anything standardised. Without comparison it sets its own price rather than being dictated by that which it can be compared to. Unique houses are not likely to come on the market often, as a result you have something more sort after and worth more.

In conclusion, you spend a great deal of time in your home. It is your sanctuary, it protects your family and processions. So why not spend that bit extra and get an expert in – an architect, so that your home is a place you love to be.



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