An amazing 2012.

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This is the last blog of the year, and what a big year it has been. I launched my new website, I have several exciting new projects on my drawing board, I pitched about DN Architecture and why it works solely with difficult blocks at a business pitching competition and won, and finally, I am nearing the completion of my book ’A Block in a Hard Place’.

The highlight though, has been the launch of this my first ever blog. I was unsure of how it would unfold when I commenced, but I quickly found my feet, and I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it.

As a child, writing and I were mutually exclusive. What I enjoyed most was: drawing and playing Lego. At school writing essays felt like pulling teeth to me, yet I’d work on my graphics design projects till the wee hours of the morning, without even realizing the time. Communicating through drawings has always been what comes naturally to me, not writing, which is why I became an architect. However my blog and book have opened a new world for me, an outlet for what I could do all day everyday: talk about buildings, and I love it!

Even more important to me, my blog gives me the opportunity to connect with others and form a community who share in my interest. I’m passionate about this city’s future and making others aware of what needs to happen to cope with the challenges it faces in the future: a rapidly growing population, the need to use less energy, and use our precious resources more wisely. I hope I have already bought some understanding to the failings of the current system in the hope to bring change, and also shared what we can all do to address these the greatest challenges we face yet.

I want to thank you all for your support, ‘likes’ and comments. It has bought me so much pleasure to find such an engaged audience within the 2 and a half months the blog has been running for. I’ll be taking a few weeks off; my weekly posts will resume again in mid January.

Wishing you all a great Christmas/ holidays and a happy new year. Be safe, relax, and I’ll see you all in 2013.

Not my car, but i can dream…

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