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I was so proud to see write-ups on my practice and my book in both The Australian Financial Review last Friday the 23rd of August, and the following day in The Saturday Age. It was an incredibly special day: I walked to the shops in the morning to buy the paper. Filled with excitement I sat down and read the article. It was a wonderful moment in my life I will never forget. I reflected back on all the hard work that led to this, with a huge smile across my face.

My book arrived on my doorstep in June. For my efforts to have caught the media’s attention, was recognition of the value of my unique approach within my industry: specialising in difficult blocks, and writing my book on how to deal with them. It was the most wonderful reward.

So where to from here? Well that is easy. I push on with my purpose – to help others by:
– Making better use of under-utilised space within our existing city limits, providing the added housing we need for our growing population, rather than the current approach of urban sprawl. People should not be forced to the evermore-distant outskirts of this already enormous city in order to afford the dream so many of us strive for – our own home.
– Making it possible for more people to live in well-designed homes (a scarcity in my opinion in this country) within the inner city, by seeking out blocks with obvious difficulties others ignore, as they don’t see their potential or know how to work with them.
– To help those who have purchased a block and not realised it has difficulties, to create a home that will not see their dream compromised.

I feel so grateful for this media exposure, and I hope it will allow me to help even more people; which is what it is all about for me.

For those of you who hadn’t seen the article, here it is. (Click on the image to enlarge).

Domain Aug 2013

Remember, not all blocks were created equal. So make your next address: A Block in a Hard Place.

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